Tip Burn: SOLVED

In our previous post, we’ve disclosed of some reported cases of tipburn. We suspect that the tipburn could be coming from a combination of things.

  1. Over nutrition.
  2. pH Imbalance
  3. Burn from sunlight and grow lights

We’ve worked with one NutriHydro grower who resolved the issue of tipburn through the following steps.

  1. Reduced the PPM of final solution from 796 to 579 by adding water from tap.
  2. With the addition of water, the pH went from 5.88 to 6.42, still within range of what pH is required by lettuces.

The results are below. The crop went from being damaged to a very healthy produce worthy for purchase of Michelin restaurants.

Tipburn solved by decreasing the ppm and increasing the pH
(Slide to show before and after)