ADVISORY: Murky Solution B

There is a batch of NutriHydro liquid concentrate solutions released in the market that turn murky as the bottle reaches the bottom through its regular use.

Due to the armed tension in Ukraine, the market is in severe shortage of components used in blending and manufacturing plant nutrients. We have therefore used an alternative source of magnesium used in manufacturing organic fertilizers. The end result is a highly-dense dissolved nutrients that is super sensitive to air and light. The closer you get to the bottom, more air occupies the space in the bottle, and triggers a higher chance of a murky and milky appearance. Exposure to light makes the entire process faster. Rest assured that we have put the entire nutrient including the murky substance to a battery of tests and the results remain to be superb nutrient effect to crops that grow heavy, thick foliage, rich roots, and an overall healthy appearance. Do not worry because the quality remains to be top notch. We suggest that once opened, to keep the bottle in a dark cool place and when possible, to use without delay once opened.

We expect delivery from overseas of our usual raw materials where we derive our magnesium component by the first fortnight of April. We look forward to your continued support and we thank you for your understanding during these difficult times brought about by geo-political issues and armed conflicts that disrupt logistics in the region.

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