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Author name: Christopher Tuason

Chris and his family operate NutriHydro, a company dedicated to empowering the next generation with a thriving community of innovative growers. With an MBA under his belt, Chris brings valuable experience from his time working in international companies focused on blending, trading, and supplying fuel worldwide. His daughters, who hold degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering, contribute their expertise to the family business by developing top-tier plant nutrients. These high-quality products cater to various applications, including hydroponics, aquaponics, fertigation, foliar feeding, and sprinkler systems.


HIRING: Sales/Marketing Officers

Join NutriHydro as a Sales/Marketing Officer, where you’ll play a dynamic role in driving sales growth and increasing brand awareness within the hydroponics and agriculture sectors. This position combines key responsibilities from both sales and marketing domains, allowing you to effectively manage inquiries, engage with customers, and implement innovative marketing strategies.

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NutriHydro Shake Pack 4 Liters

Embrace the future of hydroponic cultivation with NutriHydro’s Enhanced CFF Lettuce Shake Pack. Our latest innovation combines ease of use with superior nutrient availability, setting new standards in plant nutrition. Dive into the details of this transformative product and learn how to seamlessly integrate it into your growing routine for unparalleled results.

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Corky Root: Lettuce

I. WHAT IS CORKY ROOT Corky root is a soil-borne disease that severely impacts hydroponic and traditional agricultural systems alike. This malady manifests as woody, cork-like lesions that form along the roots of affected plants, stunting growth and inhibiting nutrient uptake. These symptoms can result in diminished yields, compromised quality, and if left untreated, may

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Hydroponics for Beginners: Choosing Between the Kratky Method and Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

Kratky or NFT? Embark on an enlightening exploration of two beginner-friendly hydroponics systems with NutriHydro’s expert guide. Whether you desire simplicity with Kratky or scalability with NFT, our in-depth comparison will lead your green thumb in the right direction.

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Traders in Agriculture

Produce traders, often undervalued, play a significant role in the agricultural sector. They are the vital connectors between farmers and markets, providing a multitude of value-adding services and managing risks inherent in the sector. Far from being unnecessary intermediaries, they strengthen the agricultural supply chain’s structure. This article seeks to shine a light on their indispensable contributions and push for a narrative shift that acknowledges their importance.

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