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NH Academy: A Milestone in Hydroponics Education

NutriHydro’s NH Academy offers comprehensive education and hands-on training for aspiring and seasoned growers. The Academy’s inaugural seminars covered essential Kratky hydroponics techniques, followed by a session on NFT hydroponics and grow lights. NH Academy fosters a collaborative learning environment with passionate mentors and eager participants. With more courses on the horizon, NH Academy is paving the way for a new generation of skilled hydroponic growers.

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Indoor Hydroponics: Mastering NFT System

Join us on March 3, 2024, for an engaging and informative seminar on ‘Indoor Hydroponics: Mastering NFT System’ in Quezon City. Guided by Nathan Miguel, this comprehensive session delves into the nuances of the NFT system and horticulture lighting, perfect for those keen to explore indoor hydroponics. This whole-day, face-to-face event promises to be a valuable experience for both newcomers and seasoned gardeners looking to deepen their knowledge in hydroponic cultivation.

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Rooftop Lettuce Cultivation

Unlock the potential of urban gardening with our upcoming seminar on Rooftop Lettuce Cultivation, led by the experienced Engr. Cristina Padua. This session is packed with valuable insights and practical advice, tailored to help you create a flourishing lettuce garden on your rooftop. Whether you’re new to gardening or looking to expand your green thumb skills, this seminar is the perfect opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert. Don’t miss out on the chance to turn your urban space into a productive and beautiful green haven.

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Mastering the Basics in Hydroponics

Join us for an enlightening session at NutriHydro’s Basic Hydroponics Seminar, led by the esteemed Arcie King Macapagal. This immersive workshop, scheduled for February 15, 2024, at our main office, is tailored for a small group of 10 to 12 participants. Over 2 to 4 hours, starting at 1 pm, delve into the fundamentals of hydroponic lettuce cultivation using the Kratky method, with a special emphasis on integrating NutriHydro solutions for optimal growth. From setting up your system to the nuances of nutrient management and harvesting, this seminar promises a comprehensive learning experience.

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