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2 Ways to Dilute NutriHydro's CFF to Nutrient Reservoirs

1) Direct Dilution Method

Direct dilution is the method of mixing in NutriHydro’s CFF into reservoirs with a predetermined nutrient-to-water ratio using NutriHydro’s CFF calculator. Key in the size of the reservoir in liters and the CFF calculator will accordingly indicate the amount of nutrients to dilute. You will need a weighing scale that can measure in grams. Using a digital scale with a resolution of 0.1 is ideal for accurate formulation.

2) Stock Solution Method

Stock solution method requires that a concentrate version is made from Nutrihydro’s CFF. The concentrate version is used to conveniently put equal amounts of concentrate in reservoirs¬† eliminating the need to weigh everytime you dilute nutrients into reservoirs. The concentrate version is likewise used in feeding through automatic dosers.


NutriHydro’s Commercial Farm Formula (CFF) is a combination of completely water-soluble plant nutrients. It is composed of macronutrients, micronutrients, and trace elements including very high-quality chelated iron. The CFF calculator computes the amount of nutrients to be used for any given volume of water. It also indicates a guide for plants in the developing stage, growth stage (for foliage produce), and fruiting stage (for fruit-bearing plants).


  1. Measure your nutrient tank’s volume capacity in liters.
  2. Once you have measured, enter that number on the form below that says “Required Water in Liters”.
  3. Once you have entered, look at the numbers below that are automatically generated. These are the required quantity of nutrients in grams that you need to put in your nutrient tank.
  4. Before putting nutrients in your tank, research what TDS your crop requires then choose the appropriate TDS in the below list.
  5. This nutrient system is a 3 part formula. Dilute each formula in water before pouring in your nutrient tank. To dilute, place in a container, pour in the nutrient, add warm water, and stir well until the nutrients are fully diluted. If you find it hard to dilute, just add more water. 
  6. Pour in diluted nutrients one at a time into your nutrient tank. If you have a nutrient tank that uses pump to circulate water, give each nutrient 30-minutes interval before putting in the next one. If you use a non-circulating tank system such as the Kratky method, then stir well before putting in the next diluted nutrient.

IMPORTANT! Use a separate mixing container for each of the nutrients. Co-mingling the nutrients will lead to nutrient lock-out, precipitation, or other chemical reaction that will detriment the release of nutrients to the roots of your crops.

Dillution Direction

Determine the quantity of water that you need to enrich with nutrients. If for example, you need to nutrient enrich an entire IBC tank measuring 1,000 liters, then key in 1,000 into the calculator. Determine which TDS in ppm you would like to use and accordingly use the values generated in the cells to formulate your nutrient enriched water.

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