Getting the Best Results in using NutriHyro Plant Nutrients


1) General Questions

We secure our products for delivery by using a combination of bubble wrap and boxes. There are items that we ship out wrapped by bubble wrap alone but generally, items are secured with bubble wraps and boxes.

Within NCR takes 3 to 5 days. The provinces take 5 to 10 days. Please note that delays by courier is beyond our control. While we can help track your package and coordinate the same with Shopee or Lazada, we have no control over the courier performing the delivery of your purchase.

2) Nutrient Solution

Hydroponics is chemistry as it is as much farming. Unlike soil that is forgiving and stable when it comes to pH, hydroponics is a different story. The pH of water in hydroponics can change overnight. Air, rain, medium, can all affect the pH of your water and when pH goes out of range, plants get injured or the very least, suffer from stunted growth.

One must understand that a crop thrives only at a given pH range. Lettuce for instance is known to grow best between 5.5 to 6.5 a range considered to be slightly acidic. Do note that a pH level between 6 and 7 is 1,000 more acidic than the other so do take pH very seriously. Beyond a crop’s prescribed range, nutrient deficiency occurs. Below the ph range and plants will suffer from micronutrient toxicity and macronutrient deficiency. While above the pH range, plants will suffer from micronutrient deficiency and over nutrient from macronutrients.

As they say, pH is the key.

Pour 2 ml of NutriHydro Iron Chelate to every 1 liter of water, stir well.

For every one liter of water, add 2 ml of solution A and stir well. On the same one liter of water add 2 ml of solution B, stir well. Now you have what you call a final solution that can be used as plant nutrient.

Nutrient solution called in short as “nutsol” is a combination of water soluble plant nutrients blended for source of nutrients by plants / crops.

NutriHydro Iron Chelate is for rapid intervention in plant nutrient needs. It is used to treat plants with iron and other trace element deficiency. In liquid chelate form, plants are able to uptake the nutrient at a faster rate allowing it to be classified as rapid intervention.

There are farmers using NutriHydro Iron Chelate to accompany NutriHydro Lettuce formula. They do so because using such leads to bigger stems and bigger stems lead to huge leaves.

We apologize but we do not disclose the NPK of our nutrient solution concentrate. We treat this information as proprietary.

NutriHydro Leafy formula is suitable for use with all leafy plants including herbs, ornamental plants, garden plants, and leafy vegetables. The nutrients of NutriHydro Leafy formula is targeted towards the formation of cellular structures leading to strong and tall stems, big and bushy leaves.

NutriHydro Lettuce formula is perfect for all varieties of lettuce. It is formulated to deliver nutrients to the stem and roots of lettuces resulting to plentiful, huge, and lush lettuce leaves.

Our suppliers change from time to time. When we do, different suppliers sell the same component but looks completely different. Color is not an exemption and when colors change, the end result is a products that changes color from time to time. We assure you however that the quality never changes.

3) CFF

NuitriHydro CFF is a product line used by commercial greenhouses. CFF stands for Commercial Farm Formula. The dry form was conceived out of demand from commercial farms in the provinces. It is more cost effective to send products in dry form than in liquid form. Add to the fact that when diluted in final solution, the dry form yields more.

4) Components

Our common recommended dilution of calcium nitrate is 3 grams per gallon of water.

Our common recommended dilution of magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) is 2-3 grams per gallon of water.

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