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What is Food Security?

Food Security. Do we know what it means? For a while my premise was if I have money in my pocket to buy the most basic of needs, it will never be an issue. Simply put, if I have the means to purchase food, then I’m secured. But is that all there is to it?

The United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security’s definition is – all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life.

Breaking this down further, this means:

  • It is not enough that I have, at all times, the means and ways to secure food for myself.
  • I should never be confident that food supplies will never run out.  
  • Securing a healthy food supply should be for ALL.

Going back to how I defined it, you can see where the problem is. It was both selfish and reliant on something outside of myself for my own food source. I was wrong.

An old system that is bound to fail

Most of us lost jobs due to the pandemic. I lost mine last year and went through a period where I was relying on others for help. I am thankful that I have a great support system, but what if my support system could not help? And more important, what about those who don’t have one?

Prior to a conversation I had with a good friend, Inclusivity was never in my head. It was an eye opener. We talked about how most Filipinos do not have access to food supplies. Do you know how much mouths a day’s minimum wage can feed? Three. What if they had 5 mouths to feed? And rent? Have we considered utilities? What if there was no means to generate income?

Through all the questions, I made a key realization. We are dependent on a system that when all fails, spells doom. Remember the “ayuda” (handouts) or community pantries? While commendable, these were not actual solutions. Not everyone had the means to secure or share food. Most did not have enough food supplies to weather the pandemic.

Not everyone had food. Let that sink in.

Changing of the guard

But what if we can help everyone? Find a way to supply not just for ourselves, but for others as well. What if there was another way and that system is already in place?

That’s where our Growers come in. You have shown that food security is now a priority. You are the best example of self-reliance and inclusivity.

While tending to your crops, you have taken on beginners and share what you have learned over the course of your hydroponic journey. This has been nothing short of showing the greatness in humanity.

I’ve seen most of our community take on initiatives to include their local government units in empowering their constituents. You push people to make something for, and of themselves. Our planet’s resources are finite, but we now know we can all make a difference.

You are our new heroes.

We thank everyone we’ve had the chance to interact with in the community. Our time with you though limited, had been overpoweringly life changing. Our commitment to the community has never been stronger because of it.  And as the community grows, trust that our resolve to support you will be never waver.

Share. Inspire. Be human.

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