Free NH Cali Pelletized Leaf Lettuce Seeds

Starting June 3rd and running through to the 10th, we are giving away 50 NH Cali pelletized seeds for every 1 liter purchase of NutriHydro Lettuce Formula. NH Lettuce Formula is a greenhouse grade plant nutrient specifically blended to optimize growth of lettuce complementing the NH Cali seeds with a seamless gardening experience.

Take your hydroponics and gardening passion to the next level with our NH Cali Seeds – a superior variety of leaf lettuce seeds that guarantee fresh and flavorful greens right from your garden! Each seed is pre-germinated and pelletized, meticulously prepared to ensure a high germination rate, helping you grow medium-sized lettuce heads that are resilient and vibrant.

NH Cali lettuce seeds have been specially bred for resistance against tip burns and corky root, giving you peace of mind and hassle-free cultivation. Now, you can enjoy lush, verdant lettuce heads that are not only a feast for the eyes but also brimming with nutrients and flavor.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your homegrown salad game and embrace the joy of home gardening with NH Cali.

Grow Your Health, Nurture Your Happiness!

Available at the following shops:

* LAZADA: bit.ly/3m2Xl8L
* SHOPEE: bit.ly/3oxN6i4

NutriHydro is a manufacturer of plant nutrients based in the Philippines. They are known to grow the healthiest, heaviest, and largest lettuce in the country. NutriHydro products are available to purchase from the following e-commerce platforms.

Lazada: bit.ly/3asMYXN
Shopee: bit.ly/3nRJX6Z
Basilyard: bit.ly/346Kklw
NutriHdyro Website: bit.ly/434MoY6

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