Meet Marvin

Marvin Baeza is a prominent personality in the hydroponics space.  His career started during the pandemic lockdowns where he produced instructional videos in hydroponics. He started with a few followers and to this day, has more than 32,000 followers on his Youtube channel. His monicker in social media “Katanim” is the name of his Youtube channel and Facebook page.

Marvin aka “Katanim” has inspired thousands of growers all over the country. Noteworthy are those who have transitioned from being hobbyists into commercial growers never to return to their previous employment pursuing lettuce cultivation as entrepreneurs. Katanim, throughout his time in hydroponics have expanded into research cultivation and have likewise gone into building greenhouses. His works and accomplishments are found all over the country and is documented on his Youtube channel and Facebook page.

NutriHydro fully supports Katanim Marvin Baeza in the pursuit of our society’s transformation from traditional into modern agriculture. We are one with him in focusing on produce stability and in food security .

Today, Katanim Marvin Baeza collaborates with farms all over the country on invitation basis and works breakthrough techniques in cultivation. He renders service to farms in increasing overall yield and health of crops.

To help our country transition into modern agriculture, join Marvin Baeza on his Youtube Channel and Facebook Page and find ways you can participate.

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