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Nagcarlan Hydroponic Growers: Cultivating Unity and Success in Laguna

In the quiet municipality of Nagcarlan, Laguna, a man of many hats and roots, Rodger Coronado, is sowing the seeds of innovation through hydroponics. Beyond his roles as a nurse graduate, first aid instructor, civic volunteer, and mentor, Rodger is a Cancer—appropriately labeled a “roots” kind of person. His journey into hydroponics not only reflects his zodiac sign but also reveals a profound connection to the comforts of home and family.

Rodger’s Hydroponic Odyssey: From Kratky Beginnings to Family Harvests

Rodger’s hydroponic journey commenced in March 2020, amid the challenges of the pandemic. The owner of Lettucehut Hydroponics, Rodger manages the venture alongside his supportive wife and children in Nagcarlan. Starting with a humble Kratky System housed in a Bamboo Greenhouse, Rodger’s foray into hydroponics faced initial skepticism from his wife. However, as the venture began to yield profits, her doubts transformed into unwavering support. Driven by a passion for hydroponics and a penchant for Do-It-Yourself projects, Rodger’s hobby soon blossomed into a full-fledged business. The family’s small backyard became a canvas for experimentation, evolving from the Kratky System to embrace more advanced techniques. The journey expanded into Nutrient Film Technique, Deep Flow Technique, Deep Water Culture, Recirculating Deep Water Culture, and the Dutch Bucket System. Currently cultivating three lettuce varieties and an array of leafy vegetables, Lettucehut Hydroponics stands as a testament to Rodger’s dedication.

Beyond the business aspect, hydroponics became a means for Rodger to bond with his children. In the process of sowing, managing, harvesting, and selling, valuable lessons were imparted. What started as a personal endeavor transformed into a family affair, reinforcing the importance of shared experiences and responsibilities. Rodger’s hydroponic venture is characterized by resourcefulness and affordability. Drawing inspiration from YouTube tutorials, he applied innovative methods using readily available materials. This resourceful approach not only exemplifies Rodger’s commitment to sustainability but also highlights the accessibility of hydroponics for individuals with limited resources.

The Lettucehut Hydroponics journey is a testament to Rodger’s commitment to continuous learning. The evolution from a single Kratky System to a diverse array of hydroponic techniques showcases his openness to new ideas and methods. The three lettuce varieties are a testament to the family’s adaptability and willingness to explore different crops.

The Roots of Unity in Nagcarlan, Laguna

In the pages of Nagcarlan’s agricultural narrative, October 29, 2022, emerges as a pivotal chapter marked by resilience and unity. Amidst the challenges of a raging typhoon, a group of forward-thinking growers—Rodger, Mario, Buboy, Edmar, and Jhin—found solidarity and a shared purpose. Confronted with a scarcity of harvests and an escalating demand, these growers forged a collective bond, realizing that their combined strength could withstand any adversity. This shared struggle served as the catalyst for the birth of Nagcarlan Hydroponics Growers. Their mission was clear: to stand united, supporting each other through thick and thin, fostering community growth and prosperity. Beyond merely forming a group, they structured themselves systematically, electing officers to establish a coherent system that aligned with the collective welfare of all members. At the core of their endeavor was the introduction of hydroponics to their kababayan, with a special emphasis on educating the youth.

As their community expanded, so did their services. Going beyond mutual assistance in cultivation and trade, Nagcarlan Hydroponics Growers reached out to the broader community, offering free teaching sessions for those intrigued by hydroponics. They created an inclusive space where knowledge flowed freely, catering to beginners seeking guidance. Communication became the lifeblood of the organization, with a dedicated group chat serving as a nexus for discussions, query resolutions, and the exchange of invaluable insights. From addressing inquiries about preparations and materials to providing guidelines and offering free assessments for potential greenhouse locations, the group ensured that no question remained unanswered.

A crowning achievement for the growers was the San Ignacio Agri and Lettuce Farm, owned by Mr. Estanislao and managed alongside Mr. Pabit. This farm became a symbol of collective triumph, with Nagcarlan Growers’ Harvests centralized in selling the lettuce produced there. The Marketing Staff played a pivotal role in transforming the farm’s bounty into a shared opportunity for all members. In alignment with the spirit of every successful association, Nagcarlan Hydroponics Growers embraced a shared vision: to stand united and triumphant as a single entity, ensuring no member would be left behind. Their journey was not solely about tending to crops; it was about nurturing a community bound by a commitment to each other’s success.

The Pledge of Nagcarlan’s Hydroponic Growers

Nagcarlan Hydroponics Growers are guided by a set of principles that define their collective vision and commitment. These principles, encapsulated in their goals, form the foundation of their journey:

  1. One Grow – Quality Unites Us All: Every crop cultivated by Nagcarlan Hydroponics Growers is a representation of their shared commitment to excellence. The growers understand that the success of one contributes to the success of all. Therefore, they strive for consistently high-quality crops, setting a standard that inspires everyone within the community.

  2. One Market – Fostering Opportunity Without Competition: In the spirit of unity, Nagcarlan Hydroponics Growers reject the notion of competition among themselves. Instead, they embrace a collaborative approach, ensuring that both small and large growers share the opportunity to earn from their harvests. This shared market space reflects their dedication to mutual growth and prosperity.

  3. One Family – Sharing, Inspiring, Advising: The growers function as a closely-knit family where sharing is not just encouraged but essential. Each member is committed to sharing their growth stories, inspiring others with new ideas, and seeking advice when encountering challenges. This culture of openness and mutual support strengthens the bonds within the community.

The growers’ journey with Nutrihydro began when Mario generously provided them with samples of nutrient solutions. Intrigued, they conducted a meticulous comparison with their existing solutions. After days of monitoring and assessment, the difference became apparent, and with proper management and consideration of other factors.  Affordability played a pivotal role in the growers’ decision to choose Nutrihydro. The group recognized that accessibility to cost-effective solutions is crucial for the sustainability of their hydroponic ventures. Moreover, the support during training and seminars stood out as a testament to their commitment to the growers’ success.

Nutrihydro goes beyond product provision; they actively contribute to the growers’ mission of nurturing future hydroponic enthusiasts. The provision of starter kits for trainees plays a significant role in ensuring a continuous influx of new growers who will contribute to the community’s goal of providing healthy foods to the table. The growers express fondness for Nutrihydro’s Lettuce Commercial Farm Formula and Iron Chelate. These products have become staples in their hydroponic journey, contributing to the health and vitality of their crops. The growers appreciate the effectiveness and reliability of these product offerings.

A Hydroponic Symphony of Success

Nagcarlan Hydroponics Growers don’t just cultivate crops; they cultivate success within their expanding family and the broader Laguna community. With each new member joining their ranks, a ripple effect of aspiring growers establishing their own greenhouses ensues. Existing enthusiasts eagerly expand their horizons by adding more greenhouses and supplies, while others embark on the exciting journey of upgrading their systems. The growers’ unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has not gone unnoticed, earning them a coveted spot on the television program “Agripreneur.” This showcase highlights their prowess in both agriculture and business, bringing attention to their thriving endeavors. The monthly influx of new trainees injects fresh energy into their collective learning environment, creating a dynamic space for knowledge exchange. Operating booths to showcase and sell their abundant harvests and actively participating in community care through meaningful donations, such as the recent contribution of 4 seedling trays to the Agriculture and Fishery Congress, vividly illustrate their dedication to giving back. These remarkable achievements in hydroponics serve as a living testament to their altruistic intentions, steadfast dedication, and passion not just for personal growth but for uplifting the entire community. Through collaborative efforts and the generous sharing of valuable knowledge, Nagcarlan Hydroponics Growers persistently sow the seeds of success and community empowerment.

A Message from Nagcarlan’s Hydroponics Growers to Aspiring Cultivators

To all aspiring growers, Nagcarlan’s Hydroponics Growers share a profound message: Every day in hydroponics is a journey of achievements, with each sprouted seed representing a triumph. The key is to keep growing and learning, recognizing that hydroponics is not merely a business but a continuous study. Their advice echoes the importance of forming a community of growers in your area, emphasizing the power of collaboration. The encouragement extends to helping one another in the intricate processes of growing and selling. In their collective wisdom, the growers underscore that success in hydroponics is not just about personal gain but also about building a supportive network where knowledge is shared, challenges are overcome together, and every member contributes to the thriving community of growers.

Connect with Nagcarlan Hydroponics Growers: Grow with us, grow with passion!

  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61552688734704

You can also reach out to Rodger Coronado at 09706177666.


Jehsa Pelagio

Jehsa Pelagio

Jehsa Pelagio is a distinguished graduate of Batangas State University, where she earned her degree in BSBA Marketing Management. As a provincial scholar, Jehsa has consistently demonstrated academic excellence and a keen interest in the field of marketing. Her expertise lends a unique perspective to her writings, blending scholarly insights with practical applications in the business world. Jehsa is in charge of NutriHydo's marketing affairs focusing on the embodiment of the Next Generation of Growers.
Jehsa Pelagio

Jehsa Pelagio

Jehsa Pelagio is a distinguished graduate of Batangas State University, where she earned her degree in BSBA Marketing Management. As a provincial scholar, Jehsa has consistently demonstrated academic excellence and a keen interest in the field of marketing. Her expertise lends a unique perspective to her writings, blending scholarly insights with practical applications in the business world. Jehsa is in charge of NutriHydo's marketing affairs focusing on the embodiment of the Next Generation of Growers.

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