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NutriHydro Lettuce
Nutrient Solution

NutriHydro Lettuce is formulated with nutrients that target the growth of roots and stems. When using NutriHydro Lettuce, the crop in its first 2 weeks will focus its energy in growing its roots and stems. Once the roots and stems are established, leaf growth follows. Leaves that will follow after are huge, lush, and healthy, perfect for your own consumption or for commercial sale.

NutriHydro Lettuce
Commercial Farm Formula (CFF)

NutriHydro Lettuce Commercial Farm Formula (CFF) is a completely water-soluble formula in dry form. It is as effective as the liquid concentrate formula and the difference only being in its dry form. Both are completely water soluble.

NutriHydro Lettuce Commercial Farm Formula (CFF) is used by commercial growers due to its flexibility. In greenhouses, NutriHydro Lettuce CFF is usually mixed with Calcium Nitrate and Magnesium Sulfate and in its dry form, growers are able to customize their mixture to suit the different stages of lettuce growth. The dry form is also more cost effective compared to the liquid concentrate.

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Agriculture Reputation

NutriHydro is known to grow the largest, healthiest, and heaviest lettuces in the country.

Complete Nutrient Profile for Lettuce Crops

NutriHydro Lettuce formula solutions A & B contain complete nutrients necessary to grow lettuce from seedlings to full maturity. NutriHydro Lettuce formula contains macronutrients, micronutrients, chelated trace elements, including the highest quality chelated iron in the agricultural industry.

Excellently Engineered Plant Nutrient

Lettuces grown with NutriHydro are known to grow faster, bigger, and healthier. NutriHydro is taken up relatively faster and more efficiently compared to other fertilizers as a result of a very well engineered product.

Versatile Use

NutriHydro Lettuce Formula is used in open field and greenhouse systems. It is perfect for hydroponics, aeroponics, fertigation, sprinklers, and foliar. NutriHydro Lettuce formula works well with all grow mediums, grow systems, and multitude of applications.

NutriHydro Lettuce Nutrient Protocol

Available Sizes

Liquid Concentrate Form

NutriHydro Lettuce Concentrate Solution 4 Liters wologo

4 Liters

NutriHydro Lettuce Concentrate Solution 1 Liter wologo

1 Liter

NutriHydro Lettuce Concentrate Solution 500 mL wologo

500 mL

Completely Water Soluble

NutriHydro Lettuce CFF Commercial Farm Formula 2 KG

2 Kilograms

NutriHydro Lettuce CFF Commercial Farm Formula 1 KG

1 Kilogram

NutriHydro Lettuce CFF Commercial Farm Formula 500 Grams

500 Grams

NutriHydro Lettuce CFF Commercial Farm Formula 250 Grams

250 Grams

NutriHydro is a plant nutrient solution concentrate for hydroponics and potted plants. Plant nutrient in liquid form is known to be taken up relatively faster and more efficient compared to granule fertilizers dropped on soil. Lettuces grown with NutriHydro are known to grow faster, bigger, and healthier.



Pro-Growers Tips

use of tds meters

For users who want to ensure maximum yield from lettuce crops, it is recommended to use a TDS meter. TDS is short for Total Dissolved Sediments Meter. It is used as it is called, to measure total dissolved sediments in water. Doing so gives you a guide n how much nutrient solution is in the water. It is recommended that you use a TDS meter so you can measure objectively and eliminate guess work.

use of ph testers

It is a must to use a PH meter. Lettuce needs water with NutriHydro Letttuce Formula to read between 5.5pH to 6pH. Going below 5.5pH will lead to macronutrient deficiency (NPK deficiency) and stunted growth. Going beyond 6pH will lead to micronutrient deficiency (trace element deficiency) which leads to burnt tips and causing the crop to turn yellow and lose its health. As it is so said in hydroponics, “pH is the key”. Once you have tested your pH, you will need NutriHydro pH Adjuster to dial down your pH to the correct range.


Most frequent questions and answers

NutriHydro Lettuce formula is a nutrient that encourages root growth in lettuce crops. The way it works is nutrients target the growth of roots. When the roots are established, the overall growth of the plant follows.

NutriHydro Lettuce formula is available in two forms. In liquid and in dry form.

The liquid formula has been formulated for users who want to use plant nutrients in the simplest way possible. Equal parts of solution A and solution B to every certain volume of water and that’s it. The final dilution is ready to use.

The dry form is not complicated at all. It just allows users to have a bit more control over their nutrients. NutriHydro’s dry form series is called NutriHydro Commercial Farm Formula (CFF) and is used at farms that prefer to mix their own nutrients. NutriHydro’s Lettuce CFF comes with a set of dilution instruction on its label. The instruction indicates a factory-prescribed dilution. At different stages of plant growth though, growers may opt to increase or decrease any of the other three-part CFF formula. Another advantage to NutriHydro’s CFF series of nutrients is that since it is in dry form without any liquid, it is lighter to transport and easier to store compared to a liquid nutrient.

Both nutrients when used correctly yields the same results. One is as good as the other.

Both NutriHydro Lettuce formula in liquid concentrate and in dry form contain iron. Repeat that, both CONTAIN IRON which is clearly indicated on the label.

Yes it can be used. Do note that NutriHydro lettuce is a phosphorus biased nutrient and targets nutrients to the roots.

Leafy greens and herbs require higher nitrogen than lettuce. Using NutriHydro Leafy will produce better growth results as it provides the nutrients necessary for crops to reach their full growth potential.

No, there is no need to use NutriHydro’s Growth Nutrient when using NutriHydro CFF for Lettuce. Using NutriHydro CFF for Lettuce requires two stages of nutrient feeding in a lettuce crop cycle. The first stage is the Foundation Stage. This is usually between 15 to 20 days. It is at this stage that lettuce crop develops its roots. Just follow the formulation as indicated in NutriHydro’s CFF Calculator. After 20 days, the lettuce crop begins to focus its entire energy in foliage growth. This is the time to shift into NutriHydro’s Growth Stage formulation. At this stage, mixing the CFF nutrients will require more of the calcium nitrate compared to the macronutrient pack and epsom salt. This adjustment towards a nitrogen biased mixture is called growth stage formulation and is necessary to feed the energy required by the lettuce crop to grow its foliage. To use NutriHydro’s CFF Lettuce calculator, go to this page – bit.ly/3CVUPbZ .

Yes. NutriHydro Fertilizer Manufacturing is registered under the office of the Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority of the Philippines with registration number : 1-1LF-B439

To succeed in growing through hydroponics, NutriHydro recommends a combination of must do. NutriHydro looks at hydroponics as agriculture of which most of it is entirely chemistry. In the science of chemistry it is very important to measure.

1) Use TDS and pH Meter: Use a pair of TDs and pH meters and adjust accordingly As the saying goes, “what can be measured, can be managed”. This is why NutriHydro recommends that growers use a combination of testers to measure the parameters of nutrient enriched water in growing their crops. NutriHydro recommends using TDS and pH meters as a must in growing no matter what brand of nutrient you use. Commercial farms constantly measure their pH and TDS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year, that is nonstop measurement of pH and TDS. Commercial farms usually, if not always, have automated system of dosing pH and TDS.

2) Use NutriHydro Lettuce Formula: NutriHydro Lettuce is specifically formulated for Lettuce crops. The lettuce formula targets nutrients to the roots. When roots become rich, the stem and foliage follow.

3) Proper Amount of Light: Make sure lettuce crops received the proper amount of light it needs to grow. Too little and they shoot up to be leggy. Too much and they wilt. Remember that most lettuce crops require only partial sun so that layer of sunshade could be useful.

4) Manage Heat and Humidity: Lettuce are primordially high land crops. They are genetically predisposed to exist and thrive in such environment. So there is work to be done when lettuce is to be grown at lowland and this particularly refers to humidity and heat. Installing fans, exhaust, vents, misting system, dehumidifiers, and air-conditioning systems are a few ways to manage heat and humidity in a greenhouse.

5) Use of Health and Growth Enhancers – NutriHydro has a series of rapid nutrient intervention formulas. This series of formula works really fast and when used as an additive works growth wonders.

Users across the country have experienced that the best TDS to use NutriHydro lettuce formula both in liquid or in dry form is to keep the TDS between 600 to 700 ppm. At this TDS, users do not see signs of root nutrient burn and overall, lettuce grow large, healthy, and heavy.

Signs of nutrient burn can be a number of combinations. Red roots and stunted growth are the usual symptoms that nutrients are being used excessively in growing lettuce. If left unresolved, lettuce will not grow to its full potential and the appearance seems a very wrinkled foliage surface.

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