NutriHydro Probe Care

Ensures pH and ORP probe is kept in ideal conditions during storage. Prevents sensor tip and reference junction from drying out. Minimizes bacterial growth for optimal response time and result.

This reagent grade chemical is used to store the pH and ORP electrode to keep its glass membrane hydrated. Manufactured specifically for the prevention of drying out of sensor tip & reference junction of the pH and ORP probe to keep them in ideal conditions during storage. Specially formulated to minimize microbial growth and osmotic effect between the solution and inner reference electrolyte. Keeping the hydrated layer & clear junction will result to fast response time and accurate reading. Ensure optimum performance of your pH and ORP electrodes by filling the cap of the pH meter at all times with the electrode storage solution, and never use distilled nor ionized water.


Replace the solution inside the protective cap. Alternatively when not in use, soak the electrode in a small glass filled with storage solution for at least one hour before taking measurements. Never store the electrode in distilled nor deionized solution, else it will shorten the life of the sensor.

EXPIRY: 3 years

Formulated for cleaning electrode probes used in agricultural and hydroponic applications. Removal of impurities and residues to prevent clogging of junction.

This reagent grade chemical is used to eliminate impurities and residues from agricultural and hydroponic activities that have been left on electrode surfaces. When stored incorrectly, microbial growth accumulates overtime resulting in inaccurate measurements. Manufactured specifically for cleaning the bulb and junction of the pH and TDS electrode on a regular basis prevents clogging of junction.


Immerse the electrode in a small glass filled with the cleaning solution for 15 minutes. Refrain from using brush or any form of abrasive material on the bulb.

EXPIRY: 3 years from opening

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