Ammonium Phosphate (Gradual Release Granules) by NutriHydro


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Ammonium Phosphate (slow release granules) is a phosphorus plant nutrient. This nutrient is spread on the soil towards the roots and is slowly released over time. This plant nutrient is perfect for soil grown crops in growth stage and full maturity.

Phosphorus is essential for plants to transport the energy they produce from light during photosynthesis throughout the plant. It is one of the main components of plant DNA and plants generally have higher concentrations in root tips, growing shoots, and vascular tissues. Phosphorus is vital for hardy growth of the plant and its vital to healthy root development and plant cell activities. It also effects germination, and bloom production. Phosphorus is found in a plant’s nucleic acids and is essential for stalk & stem health. It also plays a role in forming healthy roots.

This nutrient is not water soluble and not suited for hydroponics.


500 in stock