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Simple to install and adjust, our Bloom & Lush Grow Lights are a dependable and effective option for enhancing yield and quality.

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Our advanced Bloom Grow Lights have been specifically designed to optimize the growth of fruit-bearing crops. These lights emit red wavelengths that support strong flowering and fruiting, leading to the development of larger, healthier, and more delicious fruits. Utilizing energy-efficient LED technology, our grow lights deliver a high level of light output while consuming minimal power, ensuring exceptional growth outcomes and cost-effectiveness. With reliable performance and even coverage, these user-friendly grow lights are well-suited for various fruit-bearing crops like tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries, and can accommodate different growing conditions. Simple to install and adjust, our Bloom Grow Lights are a dependable and effective option for enhancing fruit yield and quality. Input: AC85-265VPower: 36WColor: Red (62.5%), Blue (25%), and White (12.5%) Size: 4 FT


Our premium Lush Grow Lights are specifically designed to improve the growth and health of your leafy plants. Featuring a spectrum rich in blue wavelength, our grow lights promote chlorophyll production, leading to strong vegetative growth and vibrant foliage. Using advanced LED technology, our blue-based grow lights are energy-efficient and provide superior light output. These long-lasting lights offer reliable performance, reducing the frequency of replacements. Ideal for a range of leafy plants like lettuce, spinach, and herbs, our blue-biased grow lights are suitable for different growing environments such as indoor gardens, greenhouses, and hydroponic systems. Simple to install and adjust, our grow lights offer uniform coverage for plant growth and health. Input: AC85-265V Power: 36W Color: Blue (75%), Red (12.5%), and White (12.5%) Size: 4 FT



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Grow Lights

Lush Grow Lights 4FT, Bloom Grow Lights 4FT