BUNDLE: Xanadu Enza Zaden 5000 Seeds | NutriHydro Lettuce 1 Liter


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Xanadu seeds by Enza Zaden is a mini size Romaine that has excellent taste and quality. Leaves are slightly savoyed dark green and shiny with an excellent heart. This lettuce variety from Enza Zaden is sought after by commercial farmers due to its popularity as commercial produce at groceries and vegetable markets and as chef’s favorite in restaurants.

Xanadu seeds by Enza Zaden is perfect to be grown in hydroponics and excellently suitable for soil grown farms. Xanadu seeds grow best when used with NutriHydro Lettuce formula.

Enza Zaden is a seed manufacturer from The Netherlands that supplies seeds all over the globe including the Philippines.

NutriHydro is an official seller of Enza Zaden seeds in thePhilippines.

The Xanadu 5000 seeds and NutriHydro Lettuce formula 500ml are offered at a combo package. Enjoy some discount when you purchase.

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48 in stock