Flat Trays

Flat trays with holes: Designed for drainage, these trays allow excess water to escape, ideal for plants.
Flat trays without holes: These trays are solid-bottomed, suitable for holding items without risk of leakage.
Seedling tray with a humidity dome is a specialized gardening tool designed to facilitate the germination and early growth of seeds in a controlled environment. The tray typically consists of multiple compartments or cells, each capable of holding a single seed or a small cluster of seeds. These trays are often made of durable plastic and come in various sizes to accommodate different numbers of seedlings.



Flat trays with holes

Crafted with a pattern of perforations across their surface, allowing water to drain through. These trays are commonly used in gardening for potting plants, as they prevent water from pooling at the bottom of pots, which can lead to root rot. Their design facilitates proper moisture control, ensuring plants receive adequate hydration without becoming waterlogged.

Flat trays without Holes

Feature a solid, impermeable base. These trays are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Their solid construction makes them particularly suitable for situations where containment or cleanliness is paramount, as they prevent liquids from leaking onto surfaces below.

Flat Tray and Seedling Tray with Humidity Covers

The humidity dome, usually made of transparent plastic, fits snugly over the seedling tray to create a mini greenhouse environment. This dome helps to retain moisture and warmth, creating optimal conditions for seed germination and seedling growth. By maintaining high humidity levels, the dome prevents the soil from drying out too quickly and promotes uniform germination across the tray.
Seedling trays with humidity domes are commonly used by gardeners, farmers, and hobbyists to start seeds indoors or in controlled environments such as greenhouses. They are particularly useful for germinating seeds that require consistent moisture levels and warmth to sprout successfully.
In addition to promoting germination, the humidity dome also provides protection for delicate seedlings, shielding them from fluctuations in temperature and humidity, as well as pests and environmental stressors. Once the seedlings have established roots and developed their first set of true leaves, the dome can be removed to allow for better air circulation and prevent damping-off disease.




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