Fruit Bearing CFF

NutriHydro Fruit Bearing Commercial Farm Formula (CFF) is a highly soluble, dry nutrient formula designed for solanaceous crops, offering immediate nutrient uptake for precision feeding. Suitable for various farming systems, it enhances flowering and fruit production within specified crop cycles. The formula’s dry nature allows commercial growers to create customized stock solutions, promoting efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as one kilogram can generate over 2,000 liters of nutrient solution. Choosing NutriHydro CFF leads to thriving crops and profitable operations as it is a necessary part of your production in efficiency and productivity.

Available in 250 Grams | 500 Grams | 1 Kilogram | 2 Kilograms | 20 Kilograms



NutriHydro Fruit Bearing Commercial Farm Formula (CFF) – your ultimate ally in achieving maximum productivity in your commercial farming operations. This advanced dry formula is blended with the precise nutritional needs of your solanaceous crops in mind, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and eggplants.

The NutriHydro CFF distinguishes itself with its exceptional solubility, dissolving completely in water and making nutrients immediately available for root uptake. This feature ensures your crops are receiving the essential nutrients immediately when fed. Precision feeding is essential in ensuring flowering and fruit production within the specified crop cycle.

Ideal for use in a wide range of growing systems, including hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, foliar application, and sprinklers, this formula offers the versatility and performance your commercial operation demands.

One of the standout advantages of the NutriHydro CFF is its economical nature. The dry form allows growers to create their own stock solution, perfectly tailored to their specific needs. This makes the formula not only highly efficient but also extremely cost-effective. One kilogram of our potent formula can produce more than 2,000 liters of nutrient solution, making it a smart choice for large-scale operations.

Invest in the NutriHydro Fruit Bearing Commercial Farm Formula (CFF) and watch your crops, and your profits, flourish. NutriHydro Fruit Beaering CFF is the epitome of agricultural efficiency and productivity, providing the nourishment your plants need to thrive, while ensuring your operation stays economically viable. Experience the NutriHydro difference today!

Available in 250 Grams | 500 Grams | 1 Kilogram | 2 Kilograms | 20 Kilograms

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