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NutriHydro Leafy Commercial Farm Formula (CFF) is a high nitrogen, fully soluble dry formula designed for herbs and leafy greens. It enhances nutrient availability and root uptake in various systems like hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, foliar, and sprinklers, promoting richer, deeper green hues in plants. The dry form allows users to create their own stock solution, making it economical for precision nutrient delivery in commercial operations. One kilogram of NutriHydro Leafy CFF can make over 2,500 liters of nutrient-rich solution in reservoir tanks. The product offers efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and superior results for modern precision farming.


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NutriHydro Leafy Commercial Farm Formula (CFF), is a revolutionary dry formula that brings a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to your farming operations. Specially formulated for herbs and leafy greens, this high nitrogen formula dissolves completely in water, providing outstanding solubility for immediate nutrient availability and root uptake.

The NutriHydro Leafy CFF is compatible with a wide range of growing systems including hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, foliar, and sprinklers. Engineered to enrich chlorophyll production, it infuses your leafy greens with a richer, deeper green color, enhancing their health and vitality.

What sets our NutriHydro Leafy CFF apart is its economic and practical form. The dry form allows the user to create their own stock solution making it incredibly economical for commercial operations that demand precision nutrient delivery. With remarkable components used in manufacturing this product, a single kilogram of NutriHydro Leafy CFF can produce more than 2,500 liters of nutrient rich solution in your tank.

Embrace the future of precision farming with NutriHydro Leafy Commercial Farm Formula. Experience the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and superior results of this ground-breaking high nitrogen formula today. Witness the transformation in your herbs and leafy greens to vibrant hues of greens.

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