NutriHydro Fruit Bearing (CFF) Commercial Farm Formula 500 Grams


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NutriHydro Fruit Bearing (CFF) Commercial Farm Formula is a 4 part dry solution mixed in farm nutrient tanks. NutriHydro CFF is intended for swift plant uptake through hydroponics, watering on soil, drip method, or foliar spray.

It is very important to use the NutriHydro CFF Macronutrient Pack together with NutriHydro’s CFF Companion Nutrients (calcium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, and trace elements). Using other brands may lead to precipitation or the very least, cloudy appearance. NutriHydro CFF Dry Formula is a very potent formula. In fact following the common dilution may lead to TDS at around 900 ppm so be very careful when modifying the dilution instruction.

NutriHydro CFF Fruit Bearing is best used with a huge variety of fruit bearing crops.

Package includes 4 part nutrient mix:

1) NutriHydro CFF Fruit Bearing Commercial Farm Formula 500 grams
2) NutriHydro Calcium Nitrate 500 Grams
3) NutriHydro Magnesium Sulfate 500 Grams
4) NutriHydro Trace Elements 500 ml

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NutriHydro CFF Plant Nutrients was formulated along with Katanim.


499 in stock