NutriHydro Fruit Bearing Nutrient Solution


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NutriHydro is a plant nutrient solution concentrate for hydroponics and potted plants. Plant nutrient in liquid form is known to be taken up relatively faster and more efficient compared to granule fertilizers dropped on soil. Vegetation grown with NutriHydro grow dense stems, healthier leaves, grows big and fast, and in instances as much as 200% faster than regularly grown potted plants.

NutriHydro Fruit Bearing is a potassium biased plant nutrient and is best used to grow fruit bearing plants like tomatoes, eggplants, okra, peppers, and other small fruit bearing plants that require more potassium than nitrogen and phosphate.

NurtiHydro is packed in concentrate form. A little goes a long way when diluted in water.

NutriHydro Plant Nutrient Concentrate for fruit bearing plants is a superior product better than other known solutions in the market. NutriHydro yields more quantity and superior quality because it is made of the highest quality components specifically formulated for fruit bearing plants.

Rest assured that when you use NutriHydro, you are using the best hydroponic nutrient solution money can buy.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 500 ML and 1 Liter


For users who want to ensure maximum yield from their crops, it is recommended to use a TDS meter. TDS is short for Total Dissolved Sediments Meter. It is used as it is called, to measure total dissolved sediments in water. Doing so gives you a guide on how much nutrient solution is in the water. It is recommended that you use a TDS meter so you can measure objectively and eliminate guess work.


It is a must to use a PH meter. Going below the recommended pH of your crop leads to macronutrient deficiency (NPK deficiency) and stunted growth. Going beyond the recommended pH will lead to micronutrient deficiency (trace element deficiency) which in turn leads to burnt tips and causing the crop to turn yellow and lose its health. As it is so said in hydroponics, “pH is the key”.

Once you have tested your pH, you will need NutriHydro pH Adjuster to dial down your pH to the correct range.