NutriHydro Iron Chelate Plus


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NutriHydro Iron Chelate Plus is a rapid intervention nutrient designed to quickly resolve iron and trace element deficiencies in vegetation. The usual symptom of iron deficiency is chlorosis where the leaves turn yellow while the veins remain green. Soon the entire leaf will turn yellow and tips of leaves will burn leading to the demise of the crop. NutriHydro Iron Chelate Plus is designed to intervene in iron deficiencies and it works fast. Pour 10 to 20 ml of NutriHydro Iron Chelate Plus to every 10 liters of water in your hydroponic solution.

So how does NutriHydro Iron Chelate Plus work? Crops need a number of nutrients. NutriHydro Iron Plus are chelates that perform as vessels for micronutrients, ensuring plants uptake iron and trace elements it needs. By doing so, NutriHydro Iron Plus help achieve maximum yields in crops and when yields are at maximum, land and water use are efficient. NutriHydro Iron Plus can be applied to soil or can be sprayed on plants, alone or in combinations with water-soluble NPK fertilizers.

Get that iron your plant needs. Use NutriHydro Iron Plus.


Do you want to grow plants with thicker leaves? Do you want heavier crops when weighed on a weighing scale? Add 10 to 20 ml to every 10 liters of water and use in hydroponics or soil grown plants.

Commercial farms use NutriHydro Iron Chelate Plus to increase weight of crops. What it does is it improves the health of stems leading to thicker and heavier stems. When stems becomes thicker than usual, it pushes root growth. When roots are rich and stem are thick, the leaves naturally follow. What you will notice is apart from bigger leaves, the leaves become thicker. Overall, you will get healthier and heavier crops that can be sold higher than market price.