NutriHydro Lettuce Nutrient Solution


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NutriHydro is a plant nutrient solution concentrate for hydroponics and potted plants. Plant nutrient in liquid form is known to be taken up relatively faster and more efficient compared to granule fertilizers dropped on soil. Lettuces grown with NutriHydro are known to grow faster, bigger, and healthier.

NutriHydro Lettuce is formulated with nutrients that target the growth of roots and stems. When using NutriHydro Lettuce, the crop in its first 2 weeks will focus its energy in growing its roots and stems. Once the roots and stems are established, leaf growth follows. Leaves that will follow after are huge, lush, and healthy, perfect for your own consumption or for commercial sale.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 500 ML and 1 Liter


For users who want to ensure maximum yield from lettuce crops, it is recommended to use a TDS meter. TDS is short for Total Dissolved Sediments Meter. It is used as it is called, to measure total dissolved sediments in water. Doing so gives you a guide n how much nutrient solution is in the water. It is recommended that you use a TDS meter so you can measure objectively and eliminate guess work.


It is a must to use a PH meter. Lettuce needs water with NutriHydro Letttuce Formula to read between 5.5pH to 6pH. Going below 5.5pH will lead to macronutrient deficiency (NPK deficiency) and stunted growth. Going beyond 6pH will lead to micronutrient deficiency (trace element deficiency) which leads to burnt tips and causing the crop to turn yellow and lose its health. As it is so said in hydroponics, “pH is the key”.

Once you have tested your pH, you will need NutriHydro pH Adjuster to dial down your pH to the correct range.

NutriHydro Plant Nutrient Concentrate for lettuce is a superior product which users find better than other known solutions in the market. NutriHydro Lettuce yields more quantity and superior quality when growing lettuces because it is specifically formulated for lettuce.

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