NutriHydro PH Adjuster


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pH is important and a vital element to succeed in growing plants. When the pH of your solution is at the correct range that your crop requires, you get the maximum size and the best of health that your crops can possibly reach. This is why commercial farms measure pH. Some farms use manual meters that are dipped in water while some use automated sensors that are in the solution at all times. A crop that is grown in the correct pH range from the beginning of its life right to the point of harvest are very healthy and grow very huge.

An imbalanced pH however leads to unhealthy and in extreme cases, failure of crops. Why is pH important to crops? Plants absorb major and micro nutrients at a certain pH range. This range varies from crop to crop. In vegetation, if pH is imbalanced, it causes nutrient deficiencies either in macronutrients or in micronutrients.

In hydroponics, plants are more sensitive to excesses and deficiencies from nutrients as the roots are soaked in solution at all times. Thus, it is very important to manage the chemistry of your water by ensuring the correct pH. Soil vegetation on the other hand is forgiving as the roots are not soaked and the medium in which the plants grow become buffers.

NutriHydro pH Adjuster can be used in soil grown plants. Mix with water and pour on soil. The soil will gradually change its pH overtime.


In hydroponics, you should have a pH meter. Not having one means you are guessing all the time. Get your pH right from day one and you will harvest the biggest possible yield at the shortest possible time.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 150 ml | 500 ml

AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Available to be purchased individually as ph Up or pH Down. Also available to be purchased as combo. The combo pack includes pH Up and Down.