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NutriHydro pH Up is a premium pH control additive designed to increase the pH of water in hydroponic, aeroponic, sprinkler, and irrigation systems. This high-quality, concentrated solution offers unrivaled control and stability, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption and preventing plant stress or nutrient deficiency. The product is crucial in hydroponics where plants rely solely on nutrient solution for growth. It also enhances nutrient availability in soil-based gardens when used in sprinkler and irrigation systems. NutriHydro pH Up is easy to use, compatible with all systems, and provides a cost-effective solution for growers and farmers. It is the ultimate solution for achieving optimal pH balance, thus maximizing plant growth potential.

Available in 250 mL | 500 mL | 4 Liters

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Take your hydroponic and aeroponic gardening to the next level with NutriHydro pH Up – your essential solution to maintaining optimal pH levels in your water systems. This premium pH control additive is specifically designed to increase the pH of water, providing you the ability to fine-tune the pH in hydroponic systems, aeroponic systems, sprinklers, and irrigation.

NutriHydro pH Up is a high-quality, concentrated solution that works efficiently to adjust the pH upward, offering unrivaled control and stability. A perfectly balanced pH is crucial for plants to absorb and utilize nutrients effectively. Without it, even with the best nutrients and growing conditions, plants can become stressed and nutrient deficient.

In hydroponics, pH control is especially vital as the absence of soil means plants rely entirely on the nutrient solution for their nutrient intake. If the pH is off, certain nutrients become unavailable, leading to nutrient lockout. NutriHydro pH Up helps prevent this issue by allowing you to maintain the perfect pH range for your plants, ensuring they have access to all the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

But NutriHydro pH Up isn’t just for hydroponics and aeroponics. It’s also perfect for use in sprinkler and irrigation systems. By adjusting the pH of your irrigation water, you can improve nutrient availability and uptake in soil-based gardens too, leading to healthier, more robust plants.

The benefits of NutriHydro pH Up don’t stop there. It is easy to use and compatible with all hydroponic and aeroponic systems, sprinklers, and irrigation systems. A little goes a long way with this product, making it a cost-effective solution for gardeners and farmers alike.

Unlock the full potential of your plants with NutriHydro pH Up, the ultimate solution for achieving and maintaining the optimal pH balance in your water systems. Start experiencing the difference that the right pH can make in your garden or farm today!

Available in 250 mL | 500 mL | 4 Liters

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