1) Create an account and fill out with accurate information such as complete name, mobile number, and complete address including the unit number, street, barangay, and city. These information are all important to be complete because the delivery service relies on the accuracy of the contact number and address provided by the customer.

2) Go to the "Products page" and choose which ones you would like to purchase and click add to cart.

3) Once you are done shopping,  click on the shopping bag icon at the top right corner of your screen and click on "view cart". Finalize your order.

4) There are four very easy ways to pay. You may pay using Gcash, Grabpay, Paymongo (debit | credit card) or Paypal.

The simplest way to pay is by using Gcash. To use Gcash, you should have a Gcash account or go to the nearest 7/11  to pay your order via Gcash. Once paid, your order gets delivered to your home.

For those who have Grabpay, you may use this in paying NutriHydro. Once paid, your order gets delivered to your home.

Use your credit card when purchasing. NutriHydro uses Paymongo payment gateway. Transact each payment with a blanket of security knowing that Paymongo is behind the security and privacy of payments to NutriHydro. Once paid, your order gets delivered to your home.

Paypal is a payment gateway that has been around forever. It is also one of the most secured ways to pay online. Use Paypal to pay your purchases from NutriHydro. Once paid, your order gets delivered to your home.

5) Deliveries performed by NutriHydro through LBC are all insured. In case of loss or damage during transport, NutriHydro will replace at no cost to the customer.

6) In case your contact and delivery address are incomplete, expect a call from our staff as we need to ask information regarding your address. We perform delivery through LBC and their system needs complete address else a booking won't register in their system.

7) There are cases where LBC does not accept home delivery booking for certain addresses. In such a case, expect a call from us and we will arrange that you pick up your shopping box at an LBC near you.

8) It is very important that you provide your mobile number accurately when you create your account at NutriHydro. When we register your delivery at LBC's system, their system requires a mobile number. Land phone numbers are not accepted by LBC's system.

Happy shopping !

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