Chris Tuason shows a typical harvest from his personal garden. In the video are 6 lettuce heads. Three are Lalique, a variety from the brand Rijk Zwaan. Known for extreme crisp and unusual resistance to bolting, Chris managed to grow the 3 heads of Lalique to a total of 1 kilogram.

He also managed to grow Dabi, a variety from Enza Zaden known for a very soft yet crunchy bite which weighed 270 grams on a single head. Chris also grew Batavia at 320 grams and Romaine at 270 grams.

All in all, the weight of all six lettuce heads totalled 1,867 grams but Chris being Chris, conservatively weighs the 6 heads from the video at 1,500 grams, a good 15% reduction from the actual weight. This is because he factors in the weight of the net pots, water from the roots, and pale leaves at the bottom of the head which normally are not included in a regular sale transaction.

How did Chris manage to grow six lettuce heads to be huge, heavy, and healthy? Here is how:

  1. He used NutriHydro’s Lettuce formula.
  2. He dialled to keep his pH at 6 by using NutriHydro’s pH adjusters. Chris used a pH meter to analyze the pH of his nutrients.
  3. He kept his TDS reading between 850 to 1000 ppm by keeping a balanced mix between nutrients and water and it goes without saying that he used a TDS meter.
  4. He used 2 stageĀ  feeding system for lettuce. This technique requires higher dosage of grow nutrients from 10 days after sprout.
  5. He made sure the lettuces receive a good amount of sunlight.
  6. He foliar with the same solution every single day

Chris enjoys every moment in gardening and he enjoys enjoys consuming lettuce that he grows with his family.