What is NutriHydro Bio Calmag and How to use it : The NutriHydro Bio Stimulant Series

BicalmagStrong Plant Cell Walls:

As a primary objective, Bio CalMag is proficient in the provision of calcium and magnesium—two pivotal elements in forming robust plant cell walls. These cell walls serve as the architectural backbone, strengthening the plant’s structural integrity, thereby making it more resistant to a myriad of stresses including pests, diseases, and climatic extremes.

Stronger Plant Structures:

In furtherance of this benefit, the calcium element in Bio CalMag plays a specific role in creating resilient cell walls. This biochemical input fortifies the plant structures, rendering them hardier and better equipped to withstand external pressures.

Increased Photosynthetic Capacity:

The fortified plant structure doesn’t merely serve as a shield; it also enhances the plant’s photosynthetic capacities. This leads to a more efficient photosynthesis process, in turn increasing overall growth rates and productivity. By facilitating the metabolic pathways involved in photosynthesis, Bio CalMag ensures that plants maximize their light-harvesting capabilities, resulting in efficient conversion of nutrients into biomass.

Enhanced Color and Texture:

In tandem with the calcium benefits, the magnesium component in Bio CalMag plays an indispensable role in maintaining the vibrant green hue of plant leaves. This chromatic richness is not merely aesthetic but indicative of a plant in optimal health, contributing to more effective photosynthesis and thus, a higher yield.

Improved Fruit Skin Thickness and Strength:

When discussing produce, especially fruits, Bio CalMag markedly elevates the thickness and resilience of the skin. Not only does this have a salutary effect on the produce’s aesthetic appeal, but it also prolongs its shelf life. Fruits fortified with Bio CalMag can better withstand the logistical rigors of transportation, keeping them fresh for extended periods.

Quality Enhancement:

The robust plant structures and the improved resilience against stresses culminate in produce of demonstrably superior quality. Whether the yield comprises leafy greens or fruiting bodies, the quality is markedly enhanced, to the benefit of both producer and consumer.

Improved Stress Tolerance:

As a biostimulant, Bio CalMag works on a molecular level to optimize the plant’s inherent mechanisms for stress tolerance. Whether facing environmental challenges like drought or high salinity, or pathogenic threats like fungi and pests, plants treated with Bio CalMag show marked resilience.

Resource Efficiency:

Another benefit of Bio CalMag is its role in enhanced nutrient uptake, reducing the overall need for supplemental fertilizers. This efficiency makes agricultural practices more sustainable and, when coupled with NutriHydro’s other specialized solutions, epitomizes the synergy of optimized agricultural science.

Reduced Plant Loss:

Last but by no means least, this improved resilience to various biotic and abiotic stress factors leads to a decrease in plant loss. This is a vital point as reduced loss equates to increased yield, thereby ensuring food security and economic viability for the grower.

How to Prepare NH Bio CalMag (For foliar application):

To prepare the NutriHydro Bio Calamag solution for foliar application, the following steps must be followed accurately:

Use only distilled or filtered water to prepare the NutriHydro Biostimulants solution as it is the purest form of water. This helps maintain the integrity of the solution and prevents any contamination. Ensure that the spray bottle is thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with clean water before each use.

Add 1ml of NH bio stimulant to every liter of water and mix thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous solution. Shake the bottle vigorously to ensure that the NH bio stimulant is evenly dispersed throughout the solution.

Spray the solution over the plants, paying attention to both the top and underside of the leaves. Spray until the leaves are evenly coated but avoid soaking the plant or allowing the solution to run off. By following these instructions, you can effectively apply the NH biostimulant as a foliar spray, helping to promote the optimal health and growth of your plants.

Instructions for Preparing NutriHydro Bio CalMag Stock Solution

Thank you for choosing NutriHydro Bio CalMag, an essential component in your journey towards optimized and sustainable agricultural practices. Below are the step-by-step instructions for preparing the Bio CalMag stock solution. This guide aims to simplify the process for you while ensuring maximum effectiveness of the product.

What You Will Need:

  • NutriHydro Bio CalMag (available in 500 mL and 1 Liter bottles)
  • Distilled or filtered water
  • Refrigerator for storage

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Unsealing the Product: Upon receiving your NutriHydro Bio CalMag bottle, carefully break the factory seal to open it.
  2. Water Addition: Pour distilled or filtered water into the NutriHydro Bio CalMag bottle, filling it up to the brim. Using high-quality water ensures that no unwanted elements interfere with the product’s efficacy.
  3. Sealing and Mixing: Securely screw the lid back onto the bottle to ensure it is sealed tightly. Vigorously shake the bottle to fully integrate the Bio CalMag powder with the water. This creates a homogenized stock solution, ready for use.
  4. Immediate Refrigeration: After reconstitution, it is imperative to refrigerate the stock solution immediately. Store the bottle in a refrigerator at all times to maintain its optimal condition.
  5. Storage Precautions: Failure to refrigerate the stock solution will result in microbial growth and an accumulation of internal pressure. This could deform the bottle and compromise the integrity and efficacy of the Bio CalMag solution.
  6. In-Bottle Preparation: There is no need to transfer the solution to a separate bottle. You can prepare and store the Bio CalMag stock solution in the original bottle it came in, thus minimizing wastage and ensuring you benefit from every milliliter of this potent product.

By following these instructions, you are not only ensuring the optimal performance of NutriHydro Bio CalMag but also contributing to sustainable and efficient farming practices. Paired with other NutriHydro products, Bio CalMag provides a balanced nutrient profile for robust plant growth, resilience, and vitality, thereby optimizing your yield and quality. Thank you for being a part of the NutriHydro family, where cutting-edge science meets agricultural excellence.

Important Reminders:

NutriHydro Biostimulants are intended for foliar application only. This means that the solution should be sprayed directly onto the leaves of the plants. This process enables the nutrients to be absorbed directly into the plants’ tissues, optimizing their health and growth.

It is important to note that mixing NutriHydro Biostimulants into the reservoir tanks is not recommended. The introduction of these nutrients into the reservoir may cause microorganisms to reproduce and compete for space, which can disrupt the nutrient balance and overall health of your plants.

The NutriHydro Biostimulants are designed to be used twice a week, and this frequency ensures that the plants receive adequate nutrients without the risk of nutrient overload.

If you wish to increase the application frequency or increase the dilution strength, we strongly advise that you first trial the new routine on a small batch of plants. By monitoring the trial batch closely, you can determine the appropriate mix or frequency.


What is NutriHydro Bio CalMag?

NutriHydro Bio CalMag is a specialized biostimulant that provides essential calcium and magnesium to plants. It strengthens cell walls, enhances photosynthetic efficiency, and improves overall plant health and productivity.

What are the key benefits of using NutriHydro Bio CalMag?

The key benefits include stronger plant cell walls, increased photosynthetic capacity, improved fruit skin thickness, enhanced color and texture, and better stress tolerance.

How do I prepare NutriHydro Bio CalMag for foliar application?

You can prepare it by mixing 1ml of NH Bio CalMag with every liter of distilled or filtered water. Shake well and spray onto plants.

Can I mix NutriHydro Bio CalMag with other foliar fertilizers or root-fed fertilizers?

NutriHydro Bio CalMag is designed for foliar application and should not be used simultaneously with other foliar-applied fertilizers. If you wish to use another foliar product, it is advisable to wait at least 24 hours before or after applying Bio CalMag. However, it can be safely used in conjunction with fertilizers that are applied directly to the root zone, as these operate through different uptake mechanisms and do not interfere with the foliar application of Bio CalMag.

How often should I apply NutriHydro Bio CalMag?

The recommended frequency is twice a week for optimal results.

Is refrigeration necessary after preparing the stock solution?

Yes, refrigeration is essential to prevent microbial growth and maintain the solution’s efficacy.

Can I prepare the stock solution in a different bottle?

It is advised to prepare the stock solution in the same bottle it came in to maintain product integrity.

What happens if I don’t refrigerate the stock solution?

Failure to refrigerate will result in microbial growth and could deform the bottle due to pressure build-up.

Is it safe to increase the dilution strength or frequency of application?

Before making any changes, it is recommended to test the new routine on a small batch of plants and monitor the results closely.

Why is NutriHydro Bio CalMag beneficial for hydroponic systems?

The product is meticulously formulated to offer ideal nutrient profiles that are easily assimilable in water-based growing systems, optimizing nutrient uptake.

Does NutriHydro Bio CalMag also work for traditional soil-based agriculture?

Yes, it can be used effectively in both soil-based and advanced agricultural systems like hydroponics and aeroponics.

Can Bio CalMag be used in combination with NutriHydro’s other products?

Absolutely. In fact, it works exceptionally well when used in conjunction with NutriHydro’s Micro/Macro Nutrient Blends and Growth Enhancers.

Is NutriHydro Bio CalMag eco-friendly?

Yes, the product is designed to be sustainable and contributes to more efficient agricultural practices.

What crops are best suited for NutriHydro Bio CalMag?

It is versatile and beneficial for a wide range of crops, from leafy greens to fruit-bearing plants.

How does NutriHydro Bio CalMag improve stress tolerance in plants?

It optimizes the plant’s inherent mechanisms to withstand stressful conditions, be it environmental or pathogenic.

How does NutriHydro Bio CalMag contribute to sustainability?

The enhanced nutrient uptake means less reliance on additional fertilizers, making your agricultural practices more sustainable.

What is the shelf-life of NutriHydro Bio CalMag?

NutriHydro Bio CalMag is meticulously formulated to provide long-lasting stability. In its original powder form, the product has a shelf life of up to 5 years, offering remarkable flexibility for your nutrient management schedule. However, once reconstituted into a stock solution, the product remains effective for up to two years, provided it is stored under refrigeration to maintain its integrity.

It is crucial to note that if the bottle of the reconstituted product begins to deform due to internal pressure, the efficacy of Bio CalMag is compromised and it should be considered no longer viable for agricultural application. In such cases, the product should be safely disposed of by diluting it in water and then pouring it onto the roots of any tree. Owing to its organic composition, NutriHydro Bio CalMag is environmentally benign and poses no harm when applied in this manner.

This dual longevity—both in powder and reconstituted form—enables growers to plan their nutrient schedules efficiently while maintaining optimal product integrity. When paired with other NutriHydro offerings, Bio CalMag significantly contributes to the robustness, resilience, and vitality of your crops.

Is NutriHydro Bio CalMag suitable for organic farming?

Consult NutriHydro’s guidelines or your agricultural adviser to determine its compatibility with organic farming standards.

Can NutriHydro Bio CalMag be used in aeroponic systems?

Yes, it is designed to be compatible with advanced agricultural systems like aeroponics.

Where can I purchase NutriHydro Bio CalMag?

It can be purchased directly from NutriHydro or through authorized dealers and distributors.


Picture of Jonathan Valencia

Jonathan Valencia

Jonathan Valencia is a passionate advocate for growing your own food and fostering sustainable living practices. With his unwavering commitment to promoting self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship, Jonathan has become a leading voice in the movement towards a more sustainable and resilient food system.
Picture of Jonathan Valencia

Jonathan Valencia

Jonathan Valencia is a passionate advocate for growing your own food and fostering sustainable living practices. With his unwavering commitment to promoting self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship, Jonathan has become a leading voice in the movement towards a more sustainable and resilient food system.

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