Enza Zaden | Xanadu | Daily Images | Sprout : 2021 Nov 10

Nov 10 Hi. I'm Xanadu from Enza Zaden and I am made from The Netherlands growing up in the wonderful country of the Philippines. Join me on my growth journey.
Nov 12 Some growth from the new sprout
Nov 15 Almost at the top
Nov 16 My first attempt at blooming
Nov 17 I'm coming out!
Nov 18 My first push at growth
Nov 19 Did I just grow?
Nov 22 Did I just grow again?
Nov 23 I just grew a wing
Nov 25 I am getting fatter
Nov 26 My wings are growing
Nov 27 That's a healthy flappy leaf
Nov 28 That's a healthy flappy leaf
Nov 29 NutriHydro is working !
Dec 1 I am like Adelle. I am on the huge side and I am beautiful.
Dec 2 My leaves are getting wider
Dec 3 This is the definition of blooming
Dec 4 Blooming made beautiful by NutriHydro
Dec 6 I am growing a few more leaves
Dec 7 and another more leaves
Dec 8 Look my additional leaf growing in the middle
Dec 9 Still blooming and growing because of NutriHydro