How to Handle High TDS / PPM Readings when Using NutriHydro 2


When you get a batch of NutriHydro Lettuce formula and TDS / PPM readings are high, it is perfectly normal. It just has to be diluted differently altogether.


1) The first step is to manage the TDS. Take note that you have to first measure the TDS of your water without any nutrient solution. Once you measure the TDS with nutrient solution, deduct the base TDS reading.

2) Add 2ml of Solution A to 3 liters of water then stir. Add 2ml of Solution B to the same water and stir thoroughly.

3) Measure the TDS. If the reading remains to be above 850, add more water and keep doing so until your TDS meter reads anywhere between 500 to 850 ppm.

4) At this point, you have to manage your pH. Measure the pH of your water and ensure that your pH reads 5.5 to 6.5 . Add NutriHydro pH adjuster up or down to bring your pH between 5.5 to 6.5 . This is the usual range where lettuce thrives best. If the direction of your seed manufacturer says otherwise, follow the instruction of the seed manufacturer.

5) Lastly, you will need to add NutriHydro Iron Chelate, 1 ml per liter of water.

6) Your final solution is now ready to be used for hydroponics or soil grown lettuces.


  1. Thank you for the information sir! It’s of great help to us newbies!

  2. firstly good evening nutri hydro,
    i read and watch. the blog of katanim marvin baeza your product is highly.recommended i understand that ur product is best for hydroponics farming
    may i ask if there is a reagents for the pH up or down so i can make a solution.

    thanks for any reply


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