Thrips in Hydroponics: An In-Depth Guide to Protecting Your Lettuce Production

Thrips can pose a significant threat to hydroponic lettuce production. Armed with the knowledge of their life cycle, causes of infestation, and the right management strategies, you can protect your crops and ensure a thriving hydroponic system. Learn all about these minute pests and how to keep your lettuce safe from them in our comprehensive guide.

Solubility Test NutriHydro CFF Lettuce Formula

This is a simple solubility test on video to check the visual quality of NutriHydro’s Commercial Farm Formula for Lettuce crops. NutriHydro is a series of plant nutrients available in liquid and dry form, all completely water soluble and used in hydroponics, foliar, greenhouses, drip fertigation, and open field application. recover my files serial key …

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pH in Hydroponics: How to Maintain the Correct ph Level

You can hardly wait to get started with your hydroponic system. You’ve researched light, spacing, and nutrient requirements for your plants. Don’t forget one of the most important factors in hydroponics: pH levels.  If the pH level is too high or too low, plants cannot absorb nutrients and will not thrive in otherwise ideal conditions.   …

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Tip Burn: SOLVED

In our previous post, we’ve disclosed of some reported cases of tipburn. We suspect that the tipburn could be coming from a combination of things. Over nutrition. pH Imbalance Burn from sunlight and grow lights We’ve worked with one NutriHydro grower who resolved the issue of tipburn through the following steps. Reduced the PPM of …

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Tipburn from Nutrient Use

Tip burn

There are reports from NutriHydro users regarding tipburn. Following are reported issues and how to deal with such tipburns. 1) OVER NUTRITION: NutriHydro is blended with maximum nutrient possible. It is probable that as Philippines enter into colder weather, that crops are genetically triggered to uptake more nutrient than usual. NutriHydro being packed to the …

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