Author name: Jehsa Pelagio

Jehsa Pelagio is a distinguished graduate of Batangas State University, where she earned her degree in BSBA Marketing Management. As a provincial scholar, Jehsa has consistently demonstrated academic excellence and a keen interest in the field of marketing. Her expertise lends a unique perspective to her writings, blending scholarly insights with practical applications in the business world. Jehsa is in charge of NutriHydo's marketing affairs focusing on the embodiment of the Next Generation of Growers.

Jehsa Pelagio

UPDATE: Lettuce Cultivation Challenge 2023

The Lettuce Growing Challenge 2023 shows the best and rising hydroponic farms. With likes, comments, and shares leading the way, farms have shared their hard work in growing lettuce, using good methods, and connecting with people. See who’s on the list and the surprise stars of this year’s challenge!

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