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Coming soon… NutriHydro Pre-Germinated Seeds

NutriHydro Pre-Germinated Seeds

NutriHydro is soon to come out with pre-germinated seeds. Pre-germinated seeds are known to sprout at a rate of almost 100%. This statistical success is due to the fact that the seeds are germinated vis-a-vis at the beginning of its growth. Growers will eliminate the need for pricking (sowing in a large pot then later on pricking and transferring each sprout to its own pot) and likewise eliminate the practice of multiple seed sowing and eliminating the least of the seedlings after it all sprouts.

This is a very exciting time for NutriHydro and we look forward to sharing this success with our customers.

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Alberto B. WALE -

How to compute fruitbearing nutsol with 2100ppm to 2450 ppm with a ph range of 6.0 to 6.5 ph?


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