Tipburn from Nutrient Use

Tip burn

There are reports from NutriHydro users regarding tipburn. Following are reported issues and how to deal with such tipburns.

1) OVER NUTRITION: NutriHydro is blended with maximum nutrient possible. It is probable that as Philippines enter into colder weather, that crops are genetically triggered to uptake more nutrient than usual. NutriHydro being packed to the max with nutrients, that extra uptake, leads to over nutrition and hence tipburns.

TO RESOLVE: Dilute the solution in more water. If the solution is already in your solution tank, add as much as 30% water. If you are yet to dissolve the nutrient solution in water, dilute with more water than required. Eg 2 ml of lettuce solution to 1.3 liters of water. Trim off the burnt tips to prevent growth of bacteria.

2) PH IMBALANCE: More than often, nutrient deficiency is caused by pH imbalance and such leads to nutrient deficiency.

TO RESOLVE: Make sure that the pH of your water is exactly as what is required by your crop. Most lettuce varieties grow best at pH between 5.5 to 6.5. Make sure too that you have a proper pH meter and that your pH meter is calibrated to ensure that readings are fairly correct. A pH meter that is off by 1 pH range, for example a reading that is measured by a pH meter at 5.5 but is actually 4.5 is 1,000 times more acidic. A correct pH makes a world of difference to succeed in a crop cycle.

3) GROW LIGHTS: There is a growing number of NutriHydro users who use growlights. Across brands, these growlights perform very differently. The expensive ones produce more usable lights than the others but the trade off is surface burn.

TO RESOLVE: We do encourage the use of growlights but be sure there is enough distance between the crop and the growlights. So study the height distance between the crop and the light and adjust accordingly until you get the perfect distance.