Using Pre-germinated Pelletized Seeds

Take a look at this photo. This photo tells you everything you need to know regarding the degree of difficulty on how these 3 seedling batches were sown and grown.

Above left seedling box was grown using normal F1 seeds found in racks of groceries. The seeds used are Cos lettuce seeds. I will not mention the brand as there is no need but these seeds are pretty common and affordable. Traditionally, the way to sow seeds is to use a minimum of three seeds sown in the medium. After a few days of wait, either all or a few of them grow, at times, there is one, and at times, none at all. Notice that there are a couple of seedlings at each net pot? As lettuce crops grow big, I will have to choose just one and cut off the rest. That is wasteful to say the least. Life wise, it is a pity that I have to cut off perfectly healthy seedlings just because I have no option but to choose only one that will grow and fit in the net pot.

To the right is a seedling box of Thai Basils. These seeds are hardy and have excellent germination rates. Usually no problem. Myself, as I love Basil and the fact that these herbs stand upright and tall, I usually grow 2 seeds in each net pot intentionally.

Now take notice of the bottom left seedling box. Those are Rijk Zwaan pelletized seeds. These seeds have very high germination rate, more than 99% in my experience. Because the germination rate is so high, I only put one seed at a time in each growing medium. I save time, money, and efforts.

Rijk Zwaan seeds are also pelletized in form. If you have not seen lettuce seeds up close yet. They are quite small, very small in fact that if you have poor eyesight, it is difficult to see these seeds. Rijk Zwaan lettuce seeds I use however are pelletized. I have no problems handling the seeds in pellet form. Easy to pick, easy to sow, and an easy pellet seeds to handle over all.

Have I mentioned about growth rates? Rijk Zwaan seeds grow relatively same size at the same time. Amazing.


1) Easy to pick, sow, and over all handling.
2) Very high germination rate. I only need to sow one seed per pot.
3) Relatively equal growth rates.


1) Pricey compared to regular seeds. Once you use however, you will understand that the price difference is necessary with the unparalleled quality of Rijk Zwaan seeds compared to off-the-shelf seeds.

2) Needs refrigeration. Rijk Zwaan premium pelletized seeds require refrigeration. You are suppose to refrigerate Rijk Zwaan seeds unopened and specially after opening. Once opened, put the seeds in a ziplock bag and store in a refrigerator away from contamination. DO NOT FREEZE the seeds.

Rijk Zwaan seeds are available for purchase from NutriHydro’s Lazada page. Here is the link

written by Chris Tuason