Traders in Agriculture

Produce traders, often undervalued, play a significant role in the agricultural sector. They are the vital connectors between farmers and markets, providing a multitude of value-adding services and managing risks inherent in the sector. Far from being unnecessary intermediaries, they strengthen the agricultural supply chain’s structure. This article seeks to shine a light on their indispensable contributions and push for a narrative shift that acknowledges their importance.

Understanding and Managing Tip Burns in Hydroponic Lettuce Cultivation

Romaine Tipburn

Tip burn, a common disorder in hydroponic lettuce cultivation, can significantly impact the yield and quality of the crop. Learn about the role of calcium as an immobile nutrient, susceptible lettuce varieties, symptoms, causes, and effective treatment and prevention methods. Discover how biostimulants like NutriHydro Bio CalMag can be used in managing and preventing this disorder.

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